Ranking 19 players firmly on Baltimore Ravens roster bubble

Which players on the Baltimore Ravens roster bubble have the best chance at making it to the 53-man roster?

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Keaton Mitchell, Baltimore Ravens
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11. Should the Baltimore Ravens keep Keaton Mitchell?

Keaton Mitchell was on of the most exciting free agent signings from the UDFA class this offseason. That is because he produced enough to get an invite to the NFL, and then he blazed a 40-yard dash in the 4.3 range. The combination of production and athletic upside almost never makes it way to the UDFA ranks.

However, Mitchell does have his flaws. He is smaller and is not the best between the tackles. Mitchell also was limited in the passing game and does not have any special teams value. The lack of passing game and special teams is what is going to hold him back from beating out Justice Hill, who brings value in both areas.

However, the issue now is that the team also signed Melvin Gordon. Gordon is not a lock at this age, but the signing speaks to the idea that they do not trust Mitchell to handle real work if an injury occurred to the top two. That is why Mitchell will stay at this point of the bubble.