Ranking 10 Baltimore Ravens roster bubble players before cutdown day

The Baltimore Ravens have about 50 locks on their 53-man roster. Who are the best candidates to take those final couple of spots?

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9. The Baltimore Ravens need to cut Kyu Blu Kelly

The Baltimore Ravens are in an interesting spot when it comes to Kyu Blu Kelly. The fifth-round rookie struggled all summer and never moved up the depth chart. As we noted, he was behind Seymour and never caught him. You can argue he was passed up by a recent signing like Tae Hayes.

Of all of the cornerbacks in the preseason, Kelly was second in targets allowed and had the worst passer rating allowed. The Ravens tried to work him on special teams while he sat behind Seymour.

However, despite leading the Ravens in snaps, PFF graded him as the worst special teams player on the roster. No one was close to as bad as Kelly, and no one got more chances. They wanted him to beat Seymour, and he could not, and they wanted him to make an impact on special teams, but he once again could not.

If he was not drafted in the fifth-round it probably would not be a debate. With his play so far, he is not going to get claimed on waivers, so the Ravens should release him and bring him back to the practice squad.