Ranking 10 Baltimore Ravens roster bubble players before cutdown day

The Baltimore Ravens have about 50 locks on their 53-man roster. Who are the best candidates to take those final couple of spots?

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Sam Mustipher, Baltimore Ravens
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8. Sam Mustipher in firmly on the Baltimore Ravens bubble

It will be an interesting debate to see if the Baltimore Ravens keep Sam Mustipher or not. The thought process is pretty simple. He is a backup center and lacks positional flexibility. He also is a quality backup, but when he was a starter, it was an issue. So, his value is not immense.

Beyond that, he will not be active on gamedays if Tyler Linderbaum is healthy. Do they want to tie up a roster spot on that when they have so many injuries as it is? At the same time, if Linderbaum were to go down, the Ravens would need Mustipher to be there. So, do they keep him?

Mustipher played 126 snaps, some of the most of any player in the preseason. He was behind only Daniel Faalele and Ben Cleveland on the line. So, the Ravens wanted to get a long look at him. Did they see enough?

They also played Jaylon Thomas for 48 snaps at center. He closed out the preseason finale. Thomas is viewed as a practice squad insurance. With only 48 preseason snaps, the UDFA rookie will not get claimed and could make the practice squad. If Sam Mustipher gets cut signs elsewhere, the spot is for Thomas. The same could apply if Mustipher makes the roster. However, if Mustipher is cut and circles back to the practice squad, that could be it for Jaylon Thomas with the Baltimore Ravens.