Ranking 10 Baltimore Ravens roster bubble players before cutdown day

The Baltimore Ravens have about 50 locks on their 53-man roster. Who are the best candidates to take those final couple of spots?

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Angelo Blackson, Baltimore Ravens
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7. Will the Baltimore Ravens keep Angelo Blackson?

When the Baltimore Ravens signed Angelo Blackson late into the offseason, the odds were pretty high that he would make the roster, and they remain that way for now. However, there still are questions, and he is not a lock as we get close to cutdown day.

The Ravens only played Blackson for 60 snaps this preseason, so the odds are that they have seen enough and wanted to keep him fresh for the active roster. More than that, none of the depth has pushed him. UDFA rookies Kai Caesar and Trey Botts have struggled, and Rayshad Nichols has not done enough to make a case for a roster spot.

So, the question is not Blackson vs. anyone but rather a question of if the Ravens keep five or six defensive linemen. It is a small note, but it is noteworthy that the Ravens played Blackson next to Brent Urban in the preseason finale. Urban left the game early, but Blackson stayed in for one extra series. We had assumed that Urban was always the fifth, so as the sixth lineman, Blackson was always right on the edge of being cut. The odds are that Blackson will make it, but we are about to find out.