Ranking top available Free Agent Cornerbacks Ravens could target in 2024

Baltimore may need to make more additions to the secondary.

Baltimore Ravens v Jacksonville Jaguars
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1. Stephon Gilmore, Dallas Cowboys

Gilmore may not be the Defensive Player of the Year corner he was during his days with the Patriots, but the player we saw in Dallas was a much more effective performer than the declining vet we saw in Carolina and the perfectly average player he was in his lone season in Indianapolis.

Gilmore picked off two passes, often playing the role of a top cornerback after Trevon Diggs was lost for the season alongside DaRon Bland. The Cowboys will likely try to make an effort to bring him back, but Baltimore will be every bit as enticing for an aging player like Gilmore that might want one more shot at a ring.

The Baltimore Ravens could sign Stephon Gilmore

Paying a cornerback over 30 is usually a risky endeavor, and Gilmore coming in at 33 could be quite risky. Unless you have Darrell Green-like speed, aging gracefully doesn't always happen. The Ravens need to hope that Gilmore doesn't become what Patrick Peterson was for the Steelers last year.

If they are sold on his ability to compete and lead, Baltimore might be a very attractive landing spot. While he already has a championship ring, going to another contender who will meet his asking price seems like the logical move for Gilmore when compared to taking a paycheck from a rebuilding squad.