Ranking Ravens 2024 UDFAs: Most likely to make 53-man roster

The Ravens could find a hidden gem.
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1. Beau Brade, SAF, Maryland

One player who stands out amid the collection of Ravens players vying for the unlikely shot of making the 53-man roster is Brade. Considering his college pedigree, and status as a more refined defensive back. Baltimore using a pick on Purdue's Sanoussi Kane over him was mildly surprising.

Using Arif Hasan's consensus Big Board (which aggregates dozens of expert big boards from top draft analysts), Brade has some serious pedigree. Brade was the third-highest-ranked player (trailing only UCLA EDGE Gabriel Murphy and Miami DT Leonard Taylor) and the top defensive back who was not selected in the Draft.

UDFA Safety Beau Brade could make the Baltimore Ravens

Brade's tackling ability leaves something to be desired due to inconsistent pursuit angles, and he likely went undrafted primarily due to a lack of solid speed. Despite that, Brade projects as a quality backup safety who shows smart zone coverage instincts and some excellent run support.

Brade, who picked off three passes and amassed 160 tackles in the last two seasons, was productive enough to be the lynchpin in a Maryland secondary that also sent Tarheeb Still to the NFL. The Ravens have high hopes for Kane, but in terms of being a pure coverage defensive back, Brade is currently miles above the Purdue alum as a player.