Ranking Ravens' biggest NFL Draft Day 3 gems of the last decade

The Ravens have made it a habit to land late-round studs

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The Baltimore Ravens' history of first-round success in the NFL Draft has been one of the main reasons Eric DeCosta and John Harbaugh have been able to consistently pump out winning teams that can rule the division. As impressive as that is, no dynasty is built without dominance in the middle rounds.

The Ravens have made a habit of vacuuming up picks in the fourth and fifth rounds to maximize their chances of landing a star in the later rounds. After losing so many veteran starters from last year's team in free agency, Baltimore needs to pick up a few more victories in late April.

Not only has Baltimore been able to keep churning through talented young players due to their strategy of getting compensatory picks back for him in free agency, but they've managed to hold on to a few players who remained contributors past the terms of their original rookie contracts.

While most poorly run teams light their Day 3 selections on fire by being unable to consistently identify talent that will translate to the NFL, the Ravens have consistently nailed it in the later rounds. Among the standouts are these three players, all of whom have had NFL success with or without Baltimore.

3 biggest Baltimore Ravens Day 3 NFL Draft picks in the last decade

3. Bradley Bozeman (215th overall, 2018)

Bozeman falling as far as he did didn't make a ton of sense at face value. Not only was his tape littered with dominant performances against SEC teams, but he comes from an Alabama program that pumps out multiple professional quality linemen every year. Baltimore saw what a great fit he would be in their offense.

Bozeman became a regular, quality starter for the last three seasons of his Ravens tenure at both guard and center. In an offense that ran the ball as much as any team in the league, Bozeman played a part in helping Lamar Jackson become. both a record-setting runner and MVP passer.

Bradley Bozeman was a nice pick for the Baltimore Ravens.

Bozeman was unable to replicate his Ravens production with the Carolina Panthers, but the chaos around him and the pressure of babysitting a rookie quarterback in Bryce Young made things much more difficult. The Los Angeles Chargers signed him with the goal of revitalizing his career.

Perhaps if the Ravens need a new starting guard down the road, they could consider a Bozeman reunion. His pass blocking was suspect last season, but any team who needs a road-grading run-blocker would do well to add him to the mix. Not bad for the No. 215 overall pick in a fairly weak sixth round.