Ranking 4 wide receivers Baltimore Ravens must draft round 1

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The Baltimore Ravens are likely to have interest in a wide receiver in the 2023 NFL draft. While they may want to trade down, and their first round pick will net them the most, the team may have to take the best player on the board if these four wide receivers are out there.

4. Baltimore Ravens should be interested in Quentin Johnston

Quentin Johnston seems to be the player mocked to the Baltimore Ravens the most. Of the top three, he probably has the most boom-bust potential. For Ravens fans, the draw is obvious. He is a big bodied wide receiver in a draft without very many.

The Ravens had not had a big body player like that in a long time. The knock on the Ravens during the entire Lamar Jackson era is that he had a bunch of small bodies, and his accuracy down the field needs some players with bigger catch radii

So, Quentin Johnston would finally be that guy, even if the Ravens lose Jackson. The issue with him is that he is not nearly as refined as the others. The limited route tree is not stunning, but what hurts him is that he is not the greatest ball winner in the air either, and is not the physical jump ball winner.

Where you mainly see his size is after the catch with the ball in his hands. He can create momentum quickly and is a long strider. With the ball in his hands he is almost like a bigger Brandin Aiyuk.

There are going to be questions about the Big 12 receiver translating when this conference has a history of raw receivers not making that jump. Still, the raw gifts make him one of the top four on anyones board.