Ranking 4 wide receivers Baltimore Ravens must draft round 1

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Zay Flowers, Baltimore Ravens
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3. Is Zay Flowers a great fit for the Baltimore Ravens?

Zay Flowers is one of the more technically sound wide outs. He is a solid route runner, although he is better at creating double moves down the field than he is at getting off of the line with great breaks. Zay Flowers has a surprising catch radius for his size, but at the same time, his hands can be inconsistent.

Still, Flowers is a big-time playmaker. He can create in all areas of the field and knows how to stop and start. From there, he can gear up high speeds rather quickly. Flowers also can work in the return game, which gives him some automatic value.

Of course, he does not break the Ravens room of being short. He is under 5'10". It is worth noting that he compares rather favorably to Tyler Lockett.

He creates in the same ways with great ball tracking, timing, and the ability to create in all areas of the field. Of course, Lockett is on the edge of the receiver one tier and is not quite that type of player. He is more like a high-end number two who can move in and out of the slot. Similar expectations could be shown for Zay Flowers.