Ranking top 10 sleepers for Baltimore Ravens heading into 2023 NFL Draft

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DJ Turner, Baltimore Ravens
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

9. D.J. Turner, Michigan CB

This one may be less of a sleeper, and more a realistic option. We know that not only does John Harbaugh have strong ties to the Michigan program, but Mike MacDonald personally coached D.J. Turner and recruited him to Michigan. There is an obvious connection here.

Still, because Turner is not brought up with Porter and Banks he is not discussed as a realistic option for the Baltimore Ravens as well. The other question is when they take Turner. Turner is lightning-quick and fluid. He is a bit undersized, and you really see that show up at times, but he brings a strong profile. Still, it is hard to see him being the best player at pick 22. It is also hard to see him being available at pick 86. His likely range is probably closer to 40-60, and the Ravens have no picks there.

They could trade back in the draft and have been adamant that they would like to. Maybe they trade Patrick Queen and take D.J. Turner with the pick they get back? How the Ravens add D.J. Turner is what makes him a sleeper for the Ravens.