Ranking top 10 sleepers for Baltimore Ravens heading into 2023 NFL Draft

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Tyler Steen, Baltimore Ravens
Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

6. Tyler Steen, OT, Alabama

The Baltimore Ravens may add an Alabama player, you say? That is right, and it sure would not be a surprise if the Ravens found interest in Tyler Steen. Steen is an interesting player who started his career at Vanderbilt before transferring to Alabama.

Steen took to the better coaching, and after playing in some bigger games, his tape looked better, and his draft stock soared. Still, there are questions about his size, length, and technique, and some scouts still wonder if this is a good guard who can play tackle in a pinch. At the Senior Bowl, Steen even worked out at center.

If there is anything we know from watching the Baltimore Ravens over the years it is that they do not mind drafting a tackle with position flexibility. They like bringing in the best guys and letting them work it out. In the worst case, we maybe see a Patrick Mekari replacement coming into form. Or perhaps, the injuries of Ronnie Stanley open the door for the Ravens to give Steen a shot at tackle.

They also have Ben Cleveland at left guard, and he could use some competition to push him. The reality is that there are plenty of uses for Tyler Steen at the right draft cost.