Ranking top 10 sleepers for Baltimore Ravens heading into 2023 NFL Draft

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Sidy Sow, Baltimore Ravens
Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

3. Sidy Sow, LG, Eastern Michigan

Sidy Sow is the definition of a sleeper. Coming from the MAC, eyes were not on him. However, he does have years of starting work. Sow started at left tackle as a true freshman, then moved to left guard where he spent four years starting at EMU.

Sow is 24 years old, so the upside is limited, and probably is what he is at this point. However, he could come in and immediately compete to start, pushing Ben Cleveland. That is exactly what you want to hear about a guy on day three.

His feet can be sloppy in pass protection, but his power in the run game is undeniable. That makes him an obvious fit with the Baltimore Ravens, who will still be a running team, whether Lamar Jackson is here or not. The Ravens have found day three starters at guard before, and Sidy Sow could be that guy.