Ranking 10 stock down Baltimore Ravens after preseason week 1

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Tavius Robinson, Baltimore Ravens
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1. Tavius Robinson did not play well in his NFL debut with the Baltimore Ravens

When the Baltimore Ravens drafted Tavius Robinson in round four, they had high hopes for him. The Ravens have had hits in that range of the draft before, and it was Eric DeCosta giving him the highest of praise by comparing him to ZaDarius Smith. It was only one preseason game, but we saw nothing close to that yet.

Robinson played 31 defensive snaps and rushed the passer 18 times. He did record a pressure but was one of the worst-graded defenders, per PFF. The tape backed it up as he showed little juice off of the ball. What hurts more is that you cannot just praise the Eagles.

Two UDFA rookies, Malik Hamm, and Kelle Sanders, both looked much better than Tavius Robinson. It was their debut, they played the tackles, and they both looked better than Robinson. Even Jeremiah Moon showed more versatility and a skill set that could keep him on the roster over Robinson.

It is only one week, and the next two will play a bigger factor, but all three of these guys are rookies, and at some point, draft capital will not matter.

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If Hamm remains better than Robinson for the next two weeks, who is to say that they cut Hamm, just because of an evaluation they made a few months ago? Robinson has to fight to keep his roster spot after he played poorly, and the others excelled.

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