Ranking 10 stock down Baltimore Ravens after preseason week 1

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7. The Baltimore Ravens have issues in the slot

We all could have seen this coming, but now it is starting to get closer to the season and the issue is becoming glaring. The Ravens relied on Kyle Hamilton in the slot last year, and he saved them. Now, he is starting at strong safety and cannot be in the same place twice.

So, the team needs a slot option. They thought Pepe Williams would be that person, but he suffered an injury and has not been back to practice. Arthur Maulet signed right at the start of training camp but missed week one of the preseason with a few bumps and bruises.

This left the team with Ar'Darius Washington, their third, or arguably fourth option behind Hamilton, Maulet, and Williams. To be fair, Washington played well, but he also shifted to safety for a few snaps because the team needs his depth there. So, the Ravens left this game with almost no resolution. Or, it got messier because they thought that it would be one Maulet or Williams, and now Washington is firmly in the mix.

The slot position is not in the shape that it needs to be with a few weeks to to go until the season. Unfortunately, the outside and safety spots are just as messy right now, so it is hard to find clarity in the Ravens secondary.