Ranking 10 stock down Baltimore Ravens after preseason week 1

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Baltimore Ravens, Melvin Gordon
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4. Melvin Gordon may not stick with the Baltimore Ravens for long

When the Baltimore Ravens signed Melvin Gordon, it looked like J.K. Dobbins insurance. Now, Gordon looks like he is just training camp depth. Dobbins did not play in the preseason, and the team played Gordon, but he was not on the field until late in the second half.

So, they were not saving him because he was a Dobbins replacement; he was just far behind the others on the depth chart. With Dobbins out, the Ravens still used all of their other running backs, so this was a look at how the backfield may shake out. It was Justice Hill in the Dobbins role.

This makes sense because Gus Edwards is the power, while Dobbins is the speed. They cannot replace Dobbins' role with Edwards, or Gordon, so it is Hill stepping up, and those two are staying in their role.

That means that Gordon is not a lock for the roster. He was behind Keaton Mitchell, and Mitchell was returning kicks, showing more all-around value. If Dobbins does come back, the room is getting too crowded for Gordon, who did stay on the Chiefs practice squad last year and may be a practice squad player this year as well.