Ranking 5 strong candidates for Baltimore Ravens practice squad

3 rookie UDFAs, a second-year UDFA, and veteran top our list of practice squad locks.

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Melvin Gordon, Baltimore Ravens
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3. Melvin Gordon will circle back to the Baltimore Ravens practice squad

We are not sure how many running backs the Baltimore Ravens will carry, and we are not sure of the status of Keaton Mitchell, who may stick with the team. However, we are sure that Mitchell is ahead of Melvin Gordon, who feels like a lock to safely sign on the practice squad.

First, Gordon was on the practice squad with the Kansas City Chiefs late last year. He did not create buzz or get picked off, and he was fine with his role of helping a playoff team. That could be similar in Baltimore. More than that, between Gordon and Mitchell, it is easier to see Gordon stick around.

Mitchell has to clear waivers, so it would not be in his control if another team wanted him that bad. For Gordon, once he is cut, he ca sign wherever he chooses. That means that if he wanted to stay with the Ravens on the practice squad, he could sign there seconds after getting cut. This makes the team feel safer letting him go and bringing him back around.