Ranking 5 strong candidates for Baltimore Ravens practice squad

3 rookie UDFAs, a second-year UDFA, and veteran top our list of practice squad locks.
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Malik Hamm, Baltimore Ravens

2. The Baltimore Ravens have to keep Malik Hamm in the mix

Malik Hamm, the rookie UDFA from Lafayette, has made a name for himself in the preseason. He should have locked down a spot on the practice squad, and with the injury status of Tyus Bowser, the Ravens may even use him for an elevation or two early in the season.

Hamm has been filling into the Bowser role on the defense, which is a defined role. Hamm drops into coverage and rushes the passer in a variety of ways that match the skill set of Bowser.

Still, the Ravens started Tavius Robinson in the first preseason game and Jeremiah Moon in the second preseason game. Robinson is a rookie draft pick, so the UDFA has to work twice as hard to beat him. Moon is in his second NFL season and appears to have the coaches trust a tick more. This will push Hamm off of the 53-man roster but is a strong candidate to circle back to the practice squad.

He flashed enough for the Ravens but not enough to get claimed, and more than that, only so many teams value the fact that he has a specific skill set. Look for Hamm to come back in 2024 and compete for a spot after some time on the practice squad.