Ranking top 15 players on Baltimore Ravens defense

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2. Kyle Hamilton, Slot

Kyle Hamilton has been everything that the Baltimore Ravens could possibly ask for this year. He plays everywhere and does everything as he ascends into an All-Pro type of player in his second season. 

Hamilton has essentially been a strong safety for seven games and a slot defender for five games. But really, he has been both in all games. That added versatility is so valuable. 

Hamilton is at his best in the slot, though, and it is becoming hard to move him away from there. His size can impact throwing lanes near the line. Also, his tackling is huge in run support, and his timely blitzes make him a player who impacts the game in all areas. 

The Ravens ask him to do more than most safeties, and he does it with ease. This makes life so much easier for all of the shuffling that injuries have caused the back end to do. The Ravens would not be this good on defense without Kyle Hamilton.