Ranking top 15 players on Baltimore Ravens defense

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14. Ronald Darby, CB 

For how late into the offseason Rondald Darby was signed, he ended up having a pretty big impact. Darby tore his ACL last year, so he was a late addition to the roster, and he mainly only joined the team because Rock Ya-Sin was injured. He ended up ranked higher than Ya-Sin on this list and has been much more impactful. 

Ronald Darby started weeks one through four. He played in a bit of a rotation early on because of the injury recovery but looked solid in coverage. Darby then helped ease Marlon Humphrey back in from weeks five through seven before sitting for a few weeks. 

Darby started weeks 11 and 12 with Humphrey injured, and we will see his status after the bye. Week 12 was the first game that he started and he finished with 100% of the snaps played this year. Having such a quality cornerback potential be the first man off of the bench will be huge in the playoffs.