Ranking top 15 players on Baltimore Ravens defense

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13. Arthur Maulet, Slot 

Arthur Maulet is another player who has only been on the field for bits and pieces of games, but he has had an impact on the Ravens roster. Maulet was injured early into the year and missed the first two weeks. 

He did not play much in week three but had a significant role in week four. When Marcus Williams was healthy, he did not play much, but injuries at safety pushed Kyle Hamilton away from the slot and gave Maulet starting work.

He played 56% of the snaps, 80%, and 70% from weeks six through eight. In week nine, it was down to 43%, then it was 19% in week 10, 28% in week 11, and 11% in week 12. 

He is slowly being phased out because Marcus Williams is healthy again. Still, the Ravens have depth like Darby and Maulet outside their top 11. Maulet gets the nod over Darby because while Darby has been better play-to-play, Maulet has had some huge plays that changed the game, like two sacks and an interception, but also a couple of pass breakups and pressures that caused shifts in momentum are on his stat sheet as well.