Ranking top available Free Agent Wide Receivers Ravens could target in 2024

The Ravens could make a big upgrade at wide receiver

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1. Calvin Ridley, Jacksonville Jaguars

While his season with the Jaguars showed that Ridley was unable to become the No. 1 receiver Trevor Lawrence needed during Christian Kirk's absence, his 1,000-yard season reaffirmed him as a high-end WR2 who could play an important role on a contender. If his price comes down, Baltimore needs to make a move for him.

There's a very good chance Ridley commands close to $20 million per season, a move that would justifiably take him out of Baltimore's price range. The Ravens might be able to whittle down his asking price if the allure of playing with Jackson on a title contender is enticing enough.

The Baltimore Ravens could target Calvin Ridley in free agency

Ridley had some issues with dropping several Lawrence touchdowns last season, but hands have been an issue dating back to his Falcons years. His Jacksonville sabbatical did show, however, that he is still very difficult to defend in man coverage while showing above-average speed for a receiver his age.

Ridley was an old rookie at 23 and missed a season due to suspension, making it easy to forget he will turn 30 in December. He's made solid money in the pros, but Ridley may need to consider Baltimore if they give him a worthwhile contract due to their ability to promise him championship contention.