Ranking 10 best UDFAs Baltimore Ravens signed after 2023 NFL draft

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The Baltimore Ravens has historically been one of the better teams at finding UDFAs after the NFL draft. The 2023 NFL draft may be no different, as the team has reportedly signed 16 players, including a few notable names. Who are the players that stand out from this group?

10. Trey Botts, DT, Colorado St-Peublo

Trey Botts is a four-year starter from Colorado State-Peublo. He played up and down the defensive line, and the Ravens probably liked him because of that versatility. His size profiles him as a bit of a tweener, but he has decent athletic measurements.

We know that the Ravens love their hybrid lineman, so the fit makes plenty of sense. They also needed some depth upfront, so he could be in the mix for a practice squad spot.

9. Nolan Henderson, QB, Delaware

Nolan Henderson will come in and compete with Anthony Brown. He profiles as a smaller school version of Trace McSorley. He is one of the smaller quarterbacks in the draft, but he has a playmaker mentality and does great extending the play.

8. Corey Mayfield, CB, UTSA

Corey Mayfield is an outside cornerback who is a bit shorter and does not have the arm length to consistently hang on the outside. However, he was a four-year starter at UTSA. He has enough instincts in coverage that he may get a chance in the slot for the Baltimore Ravens.

7. Travis Vokolek, TE, Nebraska

Travis Vokolek is a tight end who received an NFL Combine invitation, so there was buzz around him. He started one year at Rutgers before spending the last three with Nebraska. Vokolek is big enough that he could become a solid blocking tight end, but he does not have the technique, or core strength at this point.

6. Jaylon Thomas, OL, SMU

Jaylon Thomas is an interesting player from SMU. He does not have great size, but his athletic traits are solid overall.

Thomas played up and down the SMU offensive line, and has plenty of versatility. He has 2,234 snaps at left tackle, 398 snaps at left guard, 88 snaps at center, 186 snaps at right guard, and 662 snaps at right tackle.

Last season, he played all five positions, and the Ravens definitely see the swing lineman value in his profile.

5. Tykeem Doss, OL, Southern Miss

Tykeem Doss is a massive athlete who is not the best mover, it is understandable because of his size.

He also played all around on the Souther Miss offensive line. Doss played 772 snaps at left tackle, 471 snaps at left guard, and 233 snaps at right tackle. He even played 23 snaps as the extra lineman in a tight end role. At the least, his versatility gives him a chance to stick around.

4. Brandon Kipper, OL, Oregon State

After starting for four years at right tackle for Oregon State, Brandon Kipper moved to right guard last season. He had one of the better seasons of his career and could be an improving guard prospect in the NFL.

3. Dontay Demus, WR, Maryland

Fans are going to love Dontay Demus because he had a solid career at Maryland, especially early into his career. He had a knee injury in 2021 and did not look the same in 2022. If he can get back to his old ways that is great, but he may have gone undrafted because teams are worried about him.

2. Keaton Mitchell, RB, ECU

Keaton Mitchell is another player who went to the NFL Combine, and he ran a 4.37 as well. Many thought that would have ensured him to get drafted. He is undersized and may end up as a similar player to Justice Hill if he can play special teams, but that is a nice find as a UDFA.

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1. Tashawn Manning, OL, Kentucky

Tashawn Manning spent most of his career at Auburn as a backup before he moved to Kentucky to start in 2022. He made 12 starts that year, but over the course of his career, he had 894 snaps at right guard, and 980 snaps at left guard, mainly as a reserve during his time at Auburn. He is going to get the chance to come in and get guard snaps immediately.