Ranking 5 best sleeper wide receivers for Baltimore Ravens in 2023 NFL draft

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Baltimore Ravens, Grant DuBose
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4. Baltimore Ravens should have eyes on Grant DuBose

Grant DuBose is flying under the radar and has a fascinating story to explain it. He was under-recruited and went to Miles College. The program did not have football in 2020, and he was just another college student trying to get by before a friend who attended Charlotte told DuBose to try out.

DuBose took over and had 889 yards during his first year with the 49ers and he stacked that with 793 yards and nine touchdowns. DuBose was so unknown that he got invited to the Senior Bowl days before the event because others dropped out.

He was not an initial combine invite but used his week at the Senior Bowl to win over scouts. At the Combine, he performed well.

The speed will not have him flying up boards, but the 10-yard split and the rest of the jumps show that this is an explosive player. When you watch his tape, you see the same thing. He wins in the air and is an acrobat adjusting to the Charlotte quarterback.

The other impressive feature of his game is the ability to win the ball away from his body. He has great body control in the air and can extend his arms and make plays while leaping in the area of defenders.

DuBose has movements that can beat press coverage, but he needs to be more consistent in his releases. He never played the slot much, so should be an outside-only threat. Still, this is a day-three guy with little attention, and he could turn into an NFL starter. Do not ignore his rise.