Ranking 5 best sleeper wide receivers for Baltimore Ravens in 2023 NFL draft

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Parker Washington, Baltimore Ravens

3. Baltimore Ravens could draft Parker Washington

One word to describe Parker Washington would be tough. He is built like a running back, and when defensive backs see him with the ball in his hands, they probably view him like a running back. Washington never goes down easy, and he fights and dances and dives ahead for every last year.

Beyond that, for his size, he will lay a block into any defensive back. The best wide receiver to compare him upside-wise would be Jarvis Landy.

He can catch the ball away from his body, and for his smaller size, his catch radius is impressive. He is the guy who does all the little things that your team wants. With that being said, he looks like a limited overall athlete, and he is not burning away from guys.

In fact, Penn State used him near the line of scrimmage and almost all of his catches were within 10 yards. He is a slot, who can be relied on to move the chains and set a tone, but is not going to be a number one, or an elite guy who can win on the outside against bigger CBs.

The fact that he is a role player combined with his dealing with injuries through the pre-draft process has him as a likely day-three pick. Still, speed is not the game of Washington and we do not need testing to know that. This could just be making him a value draft pick.