Ravens CB Arthur Maulet trashing Steelers adds more fuel to vicious rivalry

Maulet is no fan of the Steelers.

Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens
Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens / Rob Carr/GettyImages

The Baltimore Ravens have largely prioritized signing their in-house backups over perusing the free agent market for upgrades. After a career year as a very effective slot corner and special teams ace, Arthur Maulet was brought back on a two-year deal that gives him some much-needed stability.

Maulet has been an NFL journeyman until this point in his career, bouncing between the Saints, Jets, and Steelers before landing in Baltimore. Maulet has become fully ingrained in the Baltimore culture, turning his rancor towards his old team in Pittsburgh after signing his new deal.

On top of the usual animosity that exists between the two teams, the Ravens saw standout linebacker Patrick Queen leave in free agency and join the hated Steelers on a three-year contract. In Maulet's eyes, Queen is now an enemy, as he is not a fan of any one wearing black and gold.

“It’s football, man. Obviously it’s business is business,” Maulet said on Glenn Clark Radio. “It’s a rivalry. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t like those guys anymore. I respect them, I don’t have to like them." Fans better get their popcorn ready for these rivalry games.

Arthur Maulet adds fuel to Ravens-Steelers rivalry with spicy comments

Maulet seemed to be on board with what Mike Tomlin was building in Pittsburgh, but a contract dispute brought an end to his time with the Steelers and led to his Ravens journey beginning. Emerging as one of the finest blitzing defensive backs in the league, Maulet has finally found a home.

Maulet's comments could be viewed as a return salvo after Queen's original brash comments on relishing the "villain" role in this rivalry. Maulet and the Ravens might be happy Queen got paid, but he remains a hated figure among most of the fanbase after his defection.

The Steelers will be a much more respectable foe this season. On top of the massive quarterback upgrades they made by swapping out Kenny Pickett and Mason Rudolph for Russell Wilson and Justin Fields, the Steelers signing Queen and DeShon Elliott will make them even more difficult to topple.

While the Ravens have laid waste to every team that he has come across in the NFL, the Steelers have been a bit of a thorn in their side over the last few years. This rival shows no signs of slowing down, as Maulet and Queen have both drawn very firm lines in the sand.