Ravens Day 3 picks: When does Baltimore pick next in 2024 NFL Draft?

The Ravens aren't done making their presence felt
Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens
Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens / Todd Olszewski/GettyImages

Considering the holes the Baltimore Ravens came into the 2024 NFL Draft needing to address, it's hard to look at what Eric DeCosta has done in the first three rounds and come away anything less than overwhelmingly impressed.

On top of taking one of the best defensive players in the draft in Clemson cornerback Nate Wiggins with the No. 30 overall pick, Baltimore used their second-round and third-round picks on a potential starting right tackle in Roger Rosengarten and a very promising pass rusher in Adisa Isaac, respectively.

The Ravens have some more work to do as they try to put the finishing touches on what has been a very chaotic few days. With multiple early Day 3 picks, Baltimore will add even more talent.

When do the Ravens pick next?

The Ravens' first pick on Day 3 will be No. 113 overall. The Ravens acquired this pick from the New York Jets in the trade that sent Morgan Moses the other way. Baltimore also possesses the 130th, 165th, 218th, 228th, and 250th overall picks on the final day of the festivities.

Notable Ravens Day 3 picks in recent history

  • TE Isaiah Likely - Round 4, 2022
  • P Jordan Stout - Round 4, 2022
  • DT Broderick Washington - Round 5, 2020
  • SAF Geno Stone - Round 7, 2020
  • RB Justice Hill - Round 4, 2019

The Ravens haven't landed any All-Pro players with this flurry of late-round picks, but they have been able to build the base of a very deep team by drafting quality backups on both sides of the ball. Baltimore will get another chance to add to those ranks if they crush it on Day 3 this year.

Late five No. 113 overall picks

  • CB Clark Phillips, Falcons - 2023
  • SAF Percy Butler, Commanders - 2022
  • LB Derrick Barnes, Lions - 2021
  • CB Troy Pride Jr, Panthers - 2020
  • RB Justice Hill, Ravens - 2019

The Ravens could get a chance to replicate the Hill pick, as he is still with the team and currently slated to be the RB2 behind Derrick Henry. Considering Baltimore's history of turning mid-round picks into contributors, the Ravens might be able to bring in even more standouts into the mix.