Ravens DB gives full-throated endorsement to new DC Zach Orr in 2024

Orr has the support of the locker room.
St Louis Rams v Baltimore Ravens
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On top of the fact the Baltimore Ravens saw multiple solid defensive starters leave in free agency, defensive mastermind Mike Macdonald (who helped the Ravens become the No. 1 defense in the league), became the head coach of the Seattle Seahawks. Linebackers coach Zach Orr was promoted to replace him,

Orr is just 32 years old, which has led some to winder if the former Ravens starting linebacker is up to the task of coaching Baltimore. The veterans in the locker room seem to think this isn't a very big deal.

In an appearance on "The Insiders," Ravens safety Marcus Williams seems to be all-in on Orr as a coach, coordinator, and leader. This Ravens team has a ton of heavy hitters, and they are all behind orr.

"He definitely has the respect of the room," Williams said. "He comes in every day and puts in that time and that work...You put in that time and that effort to come out and be the best at your role as he did as a player, he's going to do as a coach. I have the utmost respect for him, the way he presents himself, the way he carries himself, how he coaches us and how he listens to whatever we have to say.

Ravens safety Marcus Williams endorses defensive coordinator Zach Orr

Orr was on track to be another great Ravens undrafted free agent find before injuries ultimately took their toll. In his final season with Baltimore in 2015, Orr was named a Second-Team All-Pro performer while tallying 133 tackles and three interceptions.

Orr doesn't have as much coaching experience as some of the other elite defensive coordinators in the league. Orr got his start as an analyst after retiring, but his first job as a position coach came with Urban Meyer's Jaguars in 2021. In the last two seasons, Orr has been the team's inside linebackers coach.

While Roquan Smith is so sensational that even a complete novice could look good coaching him, Orr did help the recently departed Patrick Queen become an All-Pro and has been instrumental in Trenton Simpson's development. Mixing Orr's fire and insight with some tendencies that worked well last year could make for a hellacious combination.

Orr has already aced his first test, as he has the respect and attention of a veteran locker room used to success. If he is able to implement his own schematic excellence, Orr might be on a short-list of rising stars who becomes a head coach somewhere in the NFL.