Ravens dunk on "quarterbacky" radio host with simple but sublime post

Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens
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Monse Bolanos won't forget about New Year's Eve any time soon following the win of the Baltimore Ravens and the five touchdown passes thrown by "quarterbacky" Lamar Jackson.

Bolanos, if you don't know, is employed by FOX Sports. She's a radio host. Most importantly for this story and to add a little bit of background, Ms. Bolanos prefers her quarterbacks to be "quarterbacky."

To Bolanos, in her words, "Lamar Jackson's just a great athlete." Bolanos acknowledged live ahead of last Sunday's game that Jackson "had a great game against the 49ers," although she made clear that folks were "prisoners of the moment," when they labeled Jackson the MVP of the season: "he is NOT the MVP. Christian McCaffrey IS the MVP." he said.

The Ravens official answer to Bolano's comments? See for yourself.

Uh, oh, flex on Bolanos.

The Ravens PR team and social managers simply threw a post on X (formerly known as Twitter) in which they wrote "Quarterbacky" along with a picture showcasing Jackson pointing out a route to one of his pass catchers with his Week 17 stats overlaying everything: 321 passing yards, 5 passing touchdowns, 158.3 passer rating (perfect).

Signed, Lamar, No. 8.

The controversy could have ended there, but many fans labeled Ms. Bolanos and accused her of being racist for using the term "quarterbacky" in a negative way against Jackson. Others pointed out her choice of McCaffrey as her MVP as a fact to back up those accusations.

Fox Sports Radio deleted the video in which Bolanos appeared saying "quarterbacky," and the own radio host later deleted a tweet in which she attempted to defend the comments she made. The original posts were captured by Lee Harvey on X.

Ravens sound off on Lamar Jackson: "MVP! Nothing else to be said". dark. Next. Ravens sound off on Lamar Jackson: "MVP! Nothing else to be said"

Good for everybody involved, the most probable outcome when awards are announced is Lamar Jackson getting his second MVP, whether Ms. Bolanos like it or not.

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