Ravens got extra help from Dabo Swinney while making Nate Wiggins pick

The Ravens were sold on the star cornerback
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The Baltimore Ravens decided to once again take one of the best players from Dabo Swinney's Clemson defense in the NFL Draft. One year after selecting linebacker Trenton Simpson in the third round, the Ravens used a first-round pick in the 2024 NFL Draft on cornerback Nate Wiggins.

While some had concerns about Wiggins' lack of weight (173 pounds at NFL Combine, 182 pounds at Pro Day), the Ravens saw a tremendous athlete with some of the best tape in the entire country in man coverage. Baltimore didn't hesitate to add him to their defense.

Wiggins was regarded by many as a steal, as very few mock drafts and big boards projected someone many thought would be picked in the middle of the first round would be available at No. 30 overall. Swinney wanted to make sure his player didn't fall out of the first round, and he took every opportunity to let DeCosta know about him.

Swinney spent the moments leading up to the Ravens' pick texting Baltimore incessantly about drafting Wiggins. Dabo got his wish, and the Ravens brought in one of the finest defensive backs he has ever produced.

Dabo Swinney told Baltimore Ravens to draft Clemson CB Nate Wiggins

Swinney's endorsement may have been nice for the Ravens to see, but they seem to have their mind made up on taking Wiggins before Dabo blew up their phones. DeCosta was quoted as saying he was surprised that Wiggins was still available for them to pick at No. 30 overall.

Wiggins himself also added in a post-draft interview that Baltimore told him they would select him at No. 30 overall if he somehow made it that far. The Ravens made good on their promise, and their already promising secondary went from good to great as a result of the move.

Wiggins allowed just one touchdown last season and one catch beyond 20 yards, establishing himself as arguably the best man coverage corner in this class. With great ball skills in contested situations and blinding long speed, Wiggins could be a matchup nightmare in the slot or a starting outside corner immediately.

The Ravens seem to like what Swinney is creating down in South Carolina, as two vital cogs of their 2024 defense will be coming from his development pool. If Wiggins is as good as Swinney thinks he will be, Baltimore may have landed one of the steals of the draft.