Ravens fans should be hyped over Derrick Henry's first workout video with team

Henry looks like his old self.
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The Baltimore Ravens lost more big names than they added in the offseason, but they can take solace in the fact they managed to improve on their running back situation by adding someone with a shot at the Hall of Fame in former Tennessee Titans star Derrick Henry.

As a player, Henry is beyond reproach due to his history of consistently leading the league in rushing. The biggest concern beind this deal for Baltimore is Henry's age, as running backs over the age of 30 very rarely are as productive as they were back in their younger days.

Henry seems to be one of the few out there who can put away the advance of Father Time, as his 6-3, 245-pound frame could make him more able to handle the pounding an NFL running back takes. If his first appearance at the Ravens facility is any indication, Henry is looking as sharp as ever.

Henry was seen going through his normal workout routine as Baltimore began their offseason plan, and he looked every bit as in shape as he did in Tennessee. Expect plenty of 100-yard games in Baltimore's future if this is the player Henry becomes when he puts on that Ravens jersey.

Derrick Henry looks sculpted in first Baltimore Ravens workout

Henry has led the NFL in carries four times in the last five years, and the only year in which he didn't (2021) was a season in which he only played nine games and was on pace to run away with that record if he stayed healthy. The Ravens don't seem too perturbed by these facts.

Henry was second in the league in rushing yards last year, and he did that while still reeling off big runs down the field at an age when most backs his size are becoming one-cut power backs. Henry did all that on a bad Titans offense with a very poor offensive line.

The recently departed Gus Edwards and JK Dobbins both averaged over five yards per carry in Baltimore. While both of them are solid running backs, the threat of Lamar Jackson running and some strong offensive lines helped them get the most out of their talents. Henry in that same system could be game-changing.

Henry will need to prove himself on the field before the Ravens can take victory laps for bringing him in, but all the recent indicators seem to suggest he is ready to run over the rest of the AFC. The team and fanbase seem rightfully hyped up.