Ravens GM DeCosta comments on J.K. Dobbins's situation: "We keep that stuff in house"

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With barely a week between now and the first game of the 2023 season pitting the Baltimore Ravens against the Houston Texans, Flock GM Eric DeCosta spoke to the media members after Friday's practice.

DeCosta touched on as many topics as you can think of, and he took no prisoners in dealing with the press in his 15+ minutes speaking to them.

Kris Rhim asked DeCosta about the commitment of the organization to running back J.K. Dobbins, per BaltimoreRavens.com.

"We love J.K. [Dobbins]. When he's played, he's been a warrior. He's played through injuries when he's been able to. [He's] a very talented guy [and has] a great attitude. He's a leader; I think he's respected. I have a strong affinity for him, personally, and we're very excited that he's back. He's healthy this year. He looks great, and he's ready to go."

Eric DeCosta, Baltimore Ravens GM

DeCosta seemed to make Baltimore's position clear when he said the franchise "loves" Dobbins. He called him a "warrior," a "very talented guy," and a "leader."

There are simply no lies in those statements made by the GM. The Ravens have thrived on the rushing side of the game for the past few seasons and Dobbins, along with his fellow backfield teammates have been able to combine to shape one of the better (if not the best) RB rooms of the NFL for the past few years.

Dobbins, mind you, is coming off a summer in which he "unofficially" held in, attended practices but didn't train, and ultimately returned to the field on Aug. 23rd to join the rest of his teammates ahead of the preseason finale and Week 1.

The running back is playing under the last year of his rookie deal with Baltimore and seemingly looking for an extension, which is hard to envision going his way considering the depressed running back market and his hefty aspirations.

Asked by Brian Wacker about the plans of the Ravens for an extension, DeCosta said the franchise "keep that stuff in house," and also revealed they are "excited to see what he is going to do this year" before making any move on that front.

When asked about his absence from training camp before his return, Dobbins said that he was "being cautious." Dobbins' statements back then were simply impossible to believe, and as DeCosta said the Ravens better wait and see what he can do and for how long (in terms of health and availability) before offering him an extension.

Dobbins has missed 27 of a maximum of 50 regular-season games played by the Ravens since he entered the league back in 2020 as a second-round pick because of different injuries. However, when playing, Dobbins has put up a ridiculous 5.9 yards per carry racking up 1,325 yards.

The Ravens rusher is one of only seven running backs with an average of 5.0+ Y/A and at least 1,325 yards on the ground since the start of the 2020 season.

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