Ravens legend Ed Reed rooting for Joe Flacco, dissing the Steelers

Super Bowl LVI - Los Angeles Rams v Cincinnati Bengals
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The fiercest rivalry in the AFC North division goes to the Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers. There is little to no doubt about that, no matter what the Cincinnati Bengals and the Cleveland Browns franchises and their fans think about that.

That's precisely what former Ravens safety and living legend Ed Reed let everybody know in a very subtle way when asked to offer his thoughts about the recent signing of fellow former Ravens and Super Bowl champion Joe Flacco with the Browns, which also named the veteran QB their starter for last Sunday's matchup against the Rams.

Last week, the news broke that Flacco would be the starter for the Browns just mere days after he signed a contract with the team following DeShawn Watson's season-ending injury.

"It’s not like he’s going to the Steelers, man," Reed told Ian Rapoport at NFL.com when asked about how it feels to him to watch Flacco doing it for the Ravens' rivals from Cleveland.

Reed considers the possibility of Flacco leading the Browns to the playoffs as something kind of intriguing, labeling it "a Cinderella thing," and saying "It might be awesome if Joe can get [the Browns] to the playoffs."

Reed highlighted Flacco's Super Bowl victory with the Ravens, one both players share, adding that to his case for starting games for the remainder of the year as a member of the Browns. "He’s won a Super Bowl, and not many quarterbacks can say they won a Super Bowl. He played his ass off during those whole playoffs."

The former Ravens defensive back also thinks Flacco is not that old to keep playing and starting games, saying "Joe wasn't even retired, he's just in his 30s -- and he [plays] QB." Added Reed: "I think once he gets his feet under him, he'll be fine."

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Flacco, who made his debut last Sunday, couldn't help the Browns against the Rams as Cleveland lost 36-19 to Los Angeles and fell to a 7-5 record. The Steelers (7-5) also lost their Week 13 matchup with the Bengals (5-6) playing on Monday and the Ravens (9-3) enjoying a bye week.

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