Ravens: 5 possible ripple effects from Odell Beckham Jr. signing

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The past 48 hours have given way to a significant shift in how the Baltimore Ravens could view the days leading up to the 2023 NFL Draft.

Signing veteran wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. could be the transaction that changes everything. Just a few days ago, we heard Ravens general manager Eric DeCosta talk about looking at the quarterback position in the upcoming draft just in case Lamar Jackson ends up on another team for 2023. We were just a couple of weeks away from potentially seeing the Ravens draft a quarterback to try and develop into their next starter.

Now, with Beckham in Baltimore, there seems to be more optimism not just around Jackson but the franchise as a whole. It's funny how a 30-year-old wide receiver can provide such a change in direction, but that's exactly what could be happening.

Beckham agreeing to sign with Baltimore must mean the Ravens know who their quarterback will be for 2023, right? Heck, it just may mean a whole lot more than that.

Ravens fans could see some big ripple effects from signing Odell Beckham Jr.

This single move made by Baltimore could be one that results in the Ravens going all-in on putting a Super Bowl roster together, whether it be via the 2023 NFL Draft or remaining free agents. After all, the veteran wideout wouldn't sign with just anybody, and he wouldn't sign for less than he felt he deserved.

Remember, Beckham is on just a 1-year deal, and that contract might signal a bit of desperation from Baltimore. The time to win is now for the Ravens. The time is now for Lamar Jackson to prove he's worthy of a long-term, heavily-guaranteed contract in 2024.

So, where do the Ravens go from here? If they want to put together a Super Bowl-caliber team in order to compete with the likes of Kansas City, Cincinnati and Buffalo, these are five possible ripple effects that could unfold in Baltimore after the Beckham signing.