Ravens preseason finale: 3 kids, 3 veterans with their futures on the line

Baltimore Ravens v Washington Commanders
Baltimore Ravens v Washington Commanders / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages
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(Kid) Tight End: Travis Vokolek

If feels like Vokolek has already guaranteed his NFL future after his first two preseason games with the Ravens.

Vokolek is coming off a ridiculous two-touchdown outing against the Washington Commanders last Monday. It's been a short week of practice, so he might have no fuel left in his tank on Saturday when he hits the grass of Tampa Bay.

The problem for Vokolek is that he will find it really hard to improve on his Monday's performance, which could make him look "bad" to the eyes of the Ravens considering the other three tight ends already rostered by the franchise.

If Vokolek can prove his Monday was not a fluke but rather something to expect from him going forward, he will make the practice squad at the very least.