Ravens preseason finale: 3 kids, 3 veterans with their futures on the line

Baltimore Ravens v Washington Commanders
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(Veteran) Running Back: Melvin Gordon

If you love your veterans and NFL legends, you must like Melvin Gordon. That, though, is not what winning teams bet on these days with all of the available information and metrics telling you the harsh truth about this or that player.

Gordon has not been bad this summer, mind you, but he's an aging player and an ancient rusher by the standards of the position in the current market.

The Ravens were against the wall and facing a potential hold-in by RB1 J.K. Dobbins dragging into the regular season, so they did good to sign Gordon as some sort of insurance policy in Dobbins' absence.

The minute Dobbins returned, though, Gordon became a very expendable veteran without much to offer the team through the regular season. Unless he has a monster day in limited reps on Saturday, odds are the Ravens cut ties with him as the guaranteed money in his deal amounts to nothing.