Ravens rookie Zay Flowers just broke another all-time franchise record

Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens
Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens / Rob Carr/GettyImages

Baltimore Ravens rookie wide receiver Zay Flowers etched his name in golden letters in the franchise's history books during the team’s 56-19 trouncing of the visiting Miami Dolphins on Sunday, helping the Flock clinch the No. 1 seed in the AFC.

If you're wondering why, that's because Flowers (a late first-round pick, mind you) broke a franchise record previously held by Torrey Smith that stayed still for more than a decade!

Flowers racked up 106 yards and scored a touchdown on just three catches against the Dolphins, more than enough to overtake Smith as the rookie with the largest amount of yards on his freshman-pro season beating the mark put up by Torrey back in 2011 when the former Ravens got to 841 total receiving yards.

The rookie wideout is now sitting on 858 total receiving yards through Week 17 and 16 games played with one more left to play next Saturday assuming he plays. That's because the Ravens might not play all of their starters now that they are in possession of both No. 1 seeds in the AFC and the North division by extension.

Flowers broke the record thanks to a ridiculous 75-yard touchdown reception, torching Dolphins defensive back Eli Apple before breaking some ankles on his way to the end zone to put Baltimore up 20-13.

Smith's 841 yards, however, are rather impressive even if he's no longer in possession of the all-time record. He reached that figure in just 14 starts (although he played in all 16 games) and he only needed 50 receptions (on 95 targets) to get there. He also scored seven touchdowns for the Ravens as a rookie.

For context, Flowers has 858 yards on 77 receptions, averaging a much lower YPR (11.1) compared to Smith's gaudy 16.8 YRP average.

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Flowers has scored five touchdowns to Smith's five, though he can still tie that figure next weekend with a good performance if he goes on to play.

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