Ravens schedule 2024: Every game on national TV this season

The Ravens will be on primetime quite often.
Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens
Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens / Todd Olszewski/GettyImages

The Baltimore Ravens will be one of the most visible teams in the league next season, as their 2024 schedule confirmed that they will be in primetime as much as any team in the NFL.

Not only will Lamar Jackson and the rest of the squad have to deal with the fact that they have 10 games against teams who made the playoffs last season, but they also need to deal with the national spotlight being on them at all times.

The Ravens will be on national TV as much as any team in the league next season, which is one of the benefits of finishing the 2023 campaign with the best record in the league and one agonizing game short of making it to the Super Bowl. The NFL is of the opinion that pairing Jackson and Derrick Henry will make for a captivating playoff push.

While the Ravens do play a Thursday Night game against the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 10 and take on the Houston Texans during a Christmas Day game airing on Netflix, neither of them count as "national TV."

Ravens schedule 2024: Every game on national TV this season

Week 1: @ Kansas City Chiefs (Thursday Night Football)

The Ravens will get punched in the face right as the season begins, as it is impossible to have a more difficult start to the season. However, a win against Patrick Mahomes to start the season could help propel the Ravens to a possible Super Bowl run if they stay hot.

Week 4: vs. Buffalo Bills (Sunday Night Football)

The stage is set for yet another matchup that pins Jackson against Josh Allen in primetime. Though the Bills had to make some subtractions to their roster, the mercurial nature of Allen should make for a very challenging night for Baltimore's new-look defense.

Week 7 @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Monday Night Football)

The Ravens may have beat Baker Mayfield a handful of times, but his rejuvenation in Tampa Bay has the Bucs positioned as a viable playoff team in the NFC. The Ravens will need to come prepared to slow down their passing game.

Week 12 @ Los Angeles Chargers (Monday Night Football)

The Harbaugh Bowl will be televised for all to see, as John Harbaugh will once again try to pul off a victory against his brother Jim. Lamar Jackson vs. Justin Herbert is also pretty cool, if you're in to that sort of thing.