Ravens sound off on Lamar Jackson: "MVP! Nothing else to be said"

Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens
Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens / Michael Owens/GettyImages

The Baltimore Ravens (13-3) defeated the Miami Dolphins 56-19 on Sunday, made it clear (as if it wasn't already) which is the best team in the NFL, and Lamar Jackson in particular did everything to wrap up his second MVP award. And flowers were given to the quarterback.

Following a performance in which Lamar brought back his "Jackson 5" nickname by throwing for five touchdowns, there was no shortage of plaudits and praising comments from teammates and coaches alike regarding Jackson's extraordinary outing.

Head coach John Harbaugh took the podium and all he had to say about Lamar was he "played a great football game, a perfect football game in terms of the passing game."

Wide receiver Odell Beckham, who only got targeted once but pulled off a ridiculous catch on the right sideline, said "There is no debating" when asked if Lamar had a nice performance. "I think you look too much into statistics and all of that. I don't even know exactly what the numbers are, but we're talking about a guy that's up for the MVP candidate," the veteran added.

"The way that [Lamar Jackson] leads this team. The way that he ... He just always keeps us alive, and the energy that he has every day coming into work – he's our general. He's our leader. He's just done a phenomenal job this season"

Odell Beckham Jr., Baltimore Ravens WR

Running back Justice Hill, who opened the score for Baltimore with a touchdown catch, said Lamar "does this each and every week for as long as I've been here." The rusher believes Lamar is "always in the zone, makes plays like no one else, and he's definitely the MVP."

Backup-turned-starting tight end Isaiah Likely, who had two catches for touchdowns on Sunday, was asked if Lamar had made a statement with his performance against Miami. "[Lamar Jackson]'s been showing that to you guys all year long," Likely said, "It's great to know that he's finally getting chants of 'MVP. MVP.' [It's] well-deserved and well earned."

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Breakout DT Justin Madubuike summarized everything nicely: "MVP! Nothing else to be said. Nothing else!" And we're happy to report we agree with Beeks.

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