3 reasons the Baltimore Ravens matchup well against the Seattle Seahawks

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Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks, Charles Cross
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2. The Baltimore Ravens have to attack the Seattle Seahawks offensive line

The Baltimore Ravens need to get pressure without blitzing. That is easier said than done, but it is possible because the Ravens' front has played great, and the Seahawks' offensive line has been banged up. They are starting to get their health together, but there has been shuffling at all five spots. The left side seems to be getting settled, with Charles Cross and Damien Lewis playing together for two straight games together. Still, those are the only two games these two have been healthy next to each other, so it may take time to gel.

Their starting center was out on week seven, so week eight was the first week that these three all played together. On the right side, rookie Anthony Bradford has settled in, but he is a fourth-round rookie who has struggled. The Seahawks may be getting Phil Haynes back to replace him as well. Then, the right side has been a heavy rotation due to the injury of Abe Lucas. Three names have tried to replace him, and none of them have worked. Stone Forsythe, Jason Peters, and Jake Curhan have all had chances this year, and last week we saw all three.

So, Seattle is still trying to get things to gel, and now they head to the road to take on the Ravens. Michael Pierce and Justin Madubuike are hot, and Jadeveon Clowney will spend most of his time on the questionable right tackle situation. It should be a good to dominate up front.