3 reasons Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson is MVP despite the numbers

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1. We know that Lamar Jackson is a deserving candidate

Let's face it, this is not the best year for the MVP. It almost always goes to a quarterback, and none of them have separated themselves. As it stands, Lamar Jackson is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. He is also the leading rusher, and he is doing it on the team with the best record. That almost always wins the MVP, regardless of the stats. 

More than that, the Baltimore Ravens simply win with Lamar Jackson. We know that the 49ers can get to a Super Bowl with Jimmy Garopolo, but when Jackson leaves the lineup, his team falters. 

The Baltimore Ravens are 57-19 when he starts for them. Since he has been a starter, they are 8-13 in games when he is out due to an injury. The disparity is unreal. Yes, this award is going to someone for just this year, but we also have seen with our eyes how bad things get without Jackson. That is what the award is truly about. 

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So, he checks the boxes for what the award is for and may not have had the best MVP season in recent memory, but in this 2023 season, with so many ups and downs, he is the most valuable player.