3 reasons Baltimore Ravens stayed pat on trade deadline day

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Detroit Lions v Baltimore Ravens, Zay Flowers
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2. The Baltimore Ravens do not want to trade draft picks

This year is not looking like a draft to remember after Zay Flowers. To be fair, if Zay Flowers is a hit, it does not matter. Still, the Ravens are getting little from Trenton Simpson and they want to upgrade over Tavius Robinson soon. It is not as much about bad drafting, as much as it is about the team having fewer picks this year than any year in the Eric DeCosta era.

The Roquan Smith trade set them back, and they did not get any compensatory picks after being a team that lived off of them for a long time. They are not scheduled to get many picks this year, either, and the team currently just has their own picks. This is not a team that likes to go into the draft with less than seven picks and they could not make a trade at the deadline and enter the draft with the number of picks they feel comfortable with.

The Ravens are a team that will build through the draft. They will not change that way. So, unless they have extra draft picks, they know they are getting compensatory picks later, or the deal is just far too good to pass up, expect this team to be on the sideline when the picks are being thrown around.