3 reasons Baltimore Ravens can keep winning despite injuries

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The Baltimore Ravens have had some of the worst injury luck in the NFL. At the same time, the Ravens are sitting at 3-1, in first place in their division, and they beat two division rivals already, including the Bengals in Week 2 and lastly the Browns last Sunday.

The Ravens take on Pittsburgh (2-2) and probably another backup quarterback with a chance to go 3-0 on the road in the division. What has led to this level of success?

3. Lamar Jackson is balling for the Baltimore Ravens

This should be obvious, but the Baltimore Ravens always win when Lamar Jackson starts.

He is 48-17 in the NFL as a starter. This year, he has still had his issues adjusting to a new scheme, but he is also the reason they are 3-1. Jackson is completing 74.3% of his passes. His career average is 64.4%.

He also has a 53.4% success rate, and that is with a career rate of 47.2%. He is advancing the football. It helps that Todd Monken is dialing up screens and giving him more layups, but Jackson has been able to make passes down the field as well.

Even more impressive than that, he has become the team's leading rusher. With so many rushers shuffling in and out of the lineup and a questionable line as well, the Ravens have almost had to abandon establishing a ground game beyond Jackson. Still, he has had success.

This is a huge way to keep things moving, and he has more rushing touchdowns on 35 rushes this year than he had in 112 rushes in 2021.

So, Todd Monken is helping him as a passer, but he is not losing that rushing touch, he is just being used in the right areas with his legs. If Lamar Jackson is the quarterback, the injuries around him are just small details.