3 reasons Lamar Jackson should win MVP if Baltimore Ravens beat 49ers 

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There has been a lot of talk about Brock Purdy being the favorite for the MVP. This makes sense when you consider the quarterback on the team with the best record is often an MVP favorite. However, that should mean that Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has a great chance to win the award as well

Jackson not only has a chance to finish in first place in the AFC, he may lead his team to victory over the San Francisco 49ers. If so, the odds for MVP should flip toward Jackson in a major way. Here is why. 

3. Lamar Jackson does not have better pass catchers than Brock Purdy

The MVP is the player who lifts up their skill players the most. While no one is saying that Lamar Jackson has nothing this year, even his best skill players cannot match the San Francisco 49ers. Deebo Samuel, Brandon Aiyuk, George Kittle, and Christian McCaffrey are better than Zay Flowers, Odell Beckham, Isaiah Likely, and Gus Edwards at this point. 

While it is true that names such as Keaton Mitchel and Mark Andrews were helping the Ravens' cause, they are both out for the year now. The Ravens only had Mitchell healthy for about four weeks, and the team has not lost without Andrews. 

Meanwhile, San Francisco is 0-2 when they do not have Deebo Samuel this year. The 49ers win when their skill players are at their best, and Brock Purdy can get the ball out. For the Ravens, they win when Lamar Jackson lifts up the talent around and makes the most of the skill players he has. 

Purdy is great, but does Lamar Jackson bring more value to his passing offense?