3 reasons Lamar Jackson should win MVP if Baltimore Ravens beat 49ers 

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2. The Baltimore Ravens rushing attack is Lamar Jackson

If you are comparing rushing attacks, it starts to get easy to make Lamar Jackson the MVP. The 49ers and Ravens have, far and away, the two best rushing attacks in the NFL. The difference is what makes the engine go. For the 49ers, it is pretty clear that the scheme, Trent Williams and Christian McCaffrey, have far more impact on the rushing attack than Brock Purdy. Meanwhile, the entire rushing attack for the Baltimore Ravens revolves around Lamar Jackson. 

Lamar Jackson is second on the team in rushing attempts but leads the team in yards rushing. More than that, his rushing ability opens the lanes for everyone else. It freezes the linebackers when he handles zone reads, and he allows the lineman to get out of their stances easier because the linebackers have to playback.

In San Francisco, they are debating whether Brock Purdy or Christian McCaffrey is the best player right now because they both impact the game in different ways. One carries the passing attack while one leads in rushing. For the Baltimore Ravens, it is just one player who is obviously getting all of the credit. He is the Ravens' best passer and rusher, and their rushing offense is better than any. Purdy has to be leaps and bounds better as a passer to get over this.