3 reasons Lamar Jackson should win MVP if Baltimore Ravens beat 49ers 

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1. The Baltimore Ravens just got a new playcaller

This is not even bashing on Todd Monken, who has done a great job as the Baltimore Ravens playcaller this year. However, this is his first year calling plays for the Ravens. Needless to say, things can get clunky at times, and he is still working out the right fit for his personnel and quarterback.

So, the Ravens' offense has had issues, but it also highlights Lamar Jackson's ability to win by playing off-script more. We are not saying that Brock Purdy cannot play off-script, and his play extension is one of the more impressive traits he brings to the offense. It is what sets him apart from Jimmy Garopolo. Still, we have seen this Kyle Shanahan offense executed well. Purdy is having a great season, but a lot of 49ers quarterbacks have done that without getting the MVP praise. That is because they do not go above and beyond to take the offense to the next level. 

You can argue that Purdy is doing that. Still, Lamar Jackson is taking a newer, different offense with more moving pieces to a similar level. He is doing this by raising his pass catchers and by leading the rushing attack. 

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Brock Purdy deserves to be fairly in the running until the end of the season, but if Lamar Jackson beats his San Francisco 49ers defense, he should be the NFL MVP.