Release or re-sign? Analyzing 4 Ravens future free agents ranked in PFF Top 50

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Three key defensive players of the Baltimore Ravens—defensive lineman Justin Madubuike, linebacker Patrick Queen, and safety Geno Stone—are approaching free agency next spring among many other current players rostered by the franchise with their deals expiring next February.

The Ravens will have very tough decisions to make, and they will simply not be able to hand new contracts to all of their pending free agents if only because there is not enough cap room for that. Adding wood to the fire, it looks like many of the Ravens players will be able to demand huge amounts of money from the franchises interested in them following a superb 2023 season.

According to Pro Football Focus' team of analysts, the Ravens will put four (at least through Week 14 of the regular season) players in the market who are seen as Top 50 Free Agents entering next offseason.

The folks from PFF released a comprehensive analysis of upcoming NFL free agents by ranking them from 1 through 50 according to many different parameters. They have used a decade's worth of market data and performance metrics to predict future performance, as well as compared past free-agent deals with levels of performance in order to come up with comparables to the players about to enter the market next offseason.

By the end of their process, the Ravens were good (or bad!) to find as many as four players among those making it to the Top 50 upcoming Free Agents as ranked by PFF. Here are their names, ranking, reasons for finding themselves among this elite group, and what the Ravens should do when they need to decide whether to re-sign them or let them go as free agents.