Reviewing Baltimore Ravens safety depth chart before 2023 NFL draft

Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

As the Baltimore Ravens get ready for the 2023 NFL draft we will review the depth chart of each position and identify how the room may look different in the coming days. Safety is an interesting position considering there was a trade, and a role shifting going on. Where do they stand pre-draft?

Baltimore Ravens safety depth chart pre-draft 2023

Free Safety: Marcus Williams

Marcus Williams was a big-time difference-maker when he was on the field, the issue was that he missed weeks 6-13. The big-time signing looked big time, but when he was out, the defense clearly took a step back. The hope is that he can play even better during a healthy second season.

Strong Safety: Kyle Hamilton

Last season Kyle Hamilton started the year playing dime as the backup to Chuck Clark. By the end of the season he was the only slot option they could trust, and was their nickel back. That is not what they drafted him for, though, and the team traded Chuck Clark for a late pick, just to save some cap.

It also opens the door for Kyle Hamilton to start at strong safety. With Williams looking to ascend as well as Hamtilon, this duo is one of the best on paper in the NFL. There are injury questions with Williams, and projection questions for Hamilton who is changing roles.

Backup Strong Safety: Geno Stone

The Baltimore Ravens brought back Geno Stone on a nice team-friendly deal which locks him into the strong safety role. He can play dime, and in a pinch can handle the slot. Beyond that, he is excellent on special teams.

Backup Free Safety: Ar'Daruis Washington

The team lists Ar'Darius Washington as a safety, and he technically would be the backup in the free safety role. However, he has 26 NFL snaps and 21 of them are in the slot. He is a small player, and if Marcus Williams did get hurt, Hamilton would move to free safety, and Geno Stone would start. Washington is good as a role player, but they may want to upgrade.

Beyond that, they have no other depth names at all to list. The reality is that the Baltimore Ravens will not invest until later on in the draft, but a day three pick, and a group of UDFAs should complete this room when revisit it after the draft.