5 risers from Baltimore Ravens offseason program

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Roquan Smith, Baltimore Ravens
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1. Roquan Smith is the leader of the Baltimore Ravens defense

Roquan Smith has been the big winner of everything related to the Baltimore Ravens since he has been traded. He helped turn the defense around, he helped make Patrick Queen play better, and now he should be helping everyone in the same way.

When Chuck Clark left, the Baltimore Ravens lost their play caller and their green dot. Kyle Hamilton was moving into the role, but he is a second-year player, and safeties very rarely call plays. That was just a testament to how good Clark was and how questionable the play-calling options were at middle linebacker.

Roquan Smith called the defense for the Chicago Bears, and now that Clark is gone, this is his role with the Baltimore Ravens as well. It was expected but became official during these offseason programs. Smith has likely been working all offseason as if that is the plan, and he should be able to come into training camp with no hiccups as he mans the defense.

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It was an expected to step forward, but the Baltimore Ravens are taking that step by putting more on the plate of Roquan Smith.