"Rodney, Rodney!" Security had to break Odell Beckham and Jeffery Simmons' fight

Baltimore Ravens v Tennessee Titans
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In a shocking reveal (considering this is the year 2023 of our lord and that we knew nothing about this) on Wednesday by none other than Baltimore Ravens cornerback and supreme podcaster Marlon Humphrey, it turns out there was a postgame fight between Odell Beckham Jr. and Jeffery Simmons last Sunday.

Following the Ravens' 24-16 win over the Titans in London last weekend, a heated altercation between star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and defensive tackle Jeffery Simmons unfolded on the ground, forcing some Ravens players to call for the assistance of "Rodney," the security guy of the team.

The dispute had its origin in a play that happened during the actual game where Simmons dove at the legs of Ravens rookie Zay Flowers.

Beckham, defending his teammate, expressed his disapproval of such a dirty move by Simmons, stating, "I just didn't like that. I'm going to protect [Flowers]. This is my guy."

Post-game, tensions escalated as Simmons actively sought out Beckham on the field, leading to a fight between them (somehow) not captured on video, but only a few pictures like the one headlining this story.

Per Humphrey, Beckham grabbed Simmons' facemask, retaliating against what he perceived as a cheap shot, resulting in a scuffle that required security ("Rodney! Rodney!") intervention.

While Beckham downplayed the incident speaking to reporters after Wednesday's practice, boiling it all down to the physical nature of the sport, Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey revealed the whole drama and it's unclear whether or not OBJ approves his teammates move in telling the whole story.

Simmons' dissatisfaction with the Titans' performance was clear, however, as he indicated right after the game a need for the rest of the Titans to be willing to fight for the team, wherever that is.

The NFL is expected to review the altercation for potential fines, although it's hard to see any suspension happening considering how under the radar this story has gone until Humphrey made it widely public on his personal podcast.

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Kudos to OBJ for winning twice on Sunday: on the field and off of it.

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