Roger Rosengarten hype train gets even louder after latest Ravens' quotes

Rosengarten may start as a rookie.
Washington v USC
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The Baltimore Ravens seem more than willing to let two prized rookies become starters during their debut seasons in the pros. Nate Wiggins is poised to be one of Baltimore's top cornerbacks in their base defense, while right tackle Roger Rosengarten tries to beat out a group of veterans.

Rosengarten is competin with gargantuan third-year developmental project Daniel Faalele and free agent gamble Josh Jones. Not only does Rosengarten have the highest floor of these three after crushing it in college, but there's a good chance he has the highest ceiling.

Offensive line coach Joe D'Alessandris, who has seen a thing or two in nearly four decades as a trenches mastermind in college and the pros, gave Rosengarten a huge stamp of approval. It may be early, but Baltimore could be laying the foundation for their prized draft pick becoming a starter very quickly.

“Roger is doing a great job," D'Alessandris said. "He’s eager, he hustles, he gives good effort, he plays to succeed...You’re going to have some ups. You’re going to have some downs. How are you going to bounce back from some of those opportunities? But I’m glad we have him. He’s a heck of a young man.”

Baltimore Ravens coaches raving about rookie RT Roger Rosengarten

Rosengarten did not allow a sack during his final two seasons at Washington. Not only does this show he can handle quality edge rushers, but the fact he put those numbers up as the blindside protector for left-handed quarterback Michael Penix Jr. made him an even more valuable asset.

Rosengarten's main competition for this starting role appears to be Faalele and Jones. With Faalele getting some work in at right guard and the relatively paltry investment made in Jones, it seems like Rosengarten is the odds-on favorite to become the starter at right tackle sooner rather than later.

The Ravens would be putting a good deal of trust in Rosengarten, as the only reason right tackle was even vacant in the first place was Eric DeCosta's decision to trade a proven, durable veteran in Morgan Moses. If Rosengarten ends up being Moses as a player, that is a home-run second-round pick.

Rosengarten's sweet feet and solid technical refinement, coupled with quality athleticism, give him more than enough tools to become a solid starter in this league. Coaches seem to be thrilled with his early progress, which could be the predecessor to playing time as a rookie.